Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day 2008

This Thanksgiving was the first out of 24 years that was not spent with my father and his side of the family. Being that my parents were divorced, Thanksgiving was always my dads holiday and Christmas was always my moms. Now that I am married, I have my own little family. A family that I will make my number 1 priority and a family I will create new traditions with. I am inspired by my FAVORITE FAMILY in the entire world, aka the Fitzgerald's. They are an amazing family that always gives great advice and always makes a great impression. I love them because they are so real. They are the family that have always been by my side when I have experienced terrible times. Scott and Mish have always been my rock! I had the opportunity to introduce my husband and my steppie to Thanksgiving Brunch with the Fitz Fam! We dined on great food and sipped on mimosas! I had a great time laughing with my fam that I miss so much! Thanks for an amazing time! We will be there next year, and we promise not to be late!

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Michelene said...

I am so weepy today. I am happy to have you ansd your sweet family in our lives. I am a mess today. Thanks for the kind words, B. All my love!