Friday, December 19, 2008

Punk'N a Preschooler??

So today I took the day off of work so that I can prepare for my insanely busy weekend which includes a trip to Fresno for a Blog Party, Surprise 30th Bday, Retirement party, and Christmas with my family. I volunteered to take Christian to school for the first time. Since I work M-F from 8-5, I never have that opportunity so I was all about it. As I drop him off, a group of 5 or 6 kids were sitting on the floor playing. Christian tried to join them, but they were making fun of him! They kept saying "Who is that girl who dropped you off, your cousin or your sister?" In this rude, sarcastic voice. Christian being 4 and not really aware of what he should say, just said "No she isn't one of those, she isn't one of those!" So I saw his bottom lip begin to pop out and thats when I decided I had to intervene!! I said, "ACTUALLY....(in a stern voice), I am Christian's Step mom...Christian is soooo super cool that he gets to have two mommys so what do you have to say about that?" And Christian said "Yeah, so for your information I am super cool all the time!" And all the little bullies were quiet!! It made me remember how mean kids were. I am glad that by me saying something, I gave Christian the courage to stick up for himself! He ran over to me after and said, "I love you Steppie!" It was too cute!

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Michelle said...

That is really sweet. I deal with this issue all the time with my job! It drives me crazy!