Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday baby Jesus!!!

Christmas was awesome. It was our first Christmas as husband and wife and we were lucky to have Christian this year. We woke up, opened gifts, and just hung out at our house all day. It was the most kick back Christmas ever. We all got amazing gifts and were still able to remember the TRUE meaning of the day. We are still struggling to teach Christian what that's all about. How do you teach your kids to be appreciative of the gifts they got??

Twas' the Night Before Christmas...

Santa Came!!

Oh wait, that's not Santa! Busted!

Look what Santa Brought! We are so blessed!

Christian put out his cookies and milk!

Cute cousins playing with their hulk hands!

Our Family!

My baby girl aka Leila Claus

My seester in law and her adorable famila!

Little Leila Bean in her Christmas suit!
We spent Christmas Eve at my husbands' parent's house this year. We had a great time! We played an awesome new game called "Imagin-if!" If you do not have this game, I truly recommend you buy it! We were all laughing hysterically! We opened gifts, ate tons of food, and then went to church at 10:00pm. It was such a great night. Then we went home and Christian set out his cookies and milk for Santa and then we sent him to bed! Mr. and Mrs. Claus were up until 2:30 am preparing for the following morning!! It was the first time since Christian was born that he got to have a "Santa-Like" experience. He was sooooooooooooooooooo excited I can't even describe it! How was your Christmas eve???

Jimbo's Retirement

My step-dad retired this month. He worked for the Fresno Police Department for 40 years! Isn't that crazy?? 40 years seems so long! My Aunt Cindy threw him a nice retirement party at the Verdi Club in Fresno. The food was delish and the "roast" was hilarious. My step dad said that he was kind of down in the dumps because he started when he was young, and he ended when he was old. He said it doesnt feel good to get old. It was kinda a 25 year old, I yearn for the day I can retire! I guess the lesson I learned from his words was to cherish each and everyday and dont rush your life! Soak up everyday because time flies! What are your thoughts on retirement?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Punk'N a Preschooler??

So today I took the day off of work so that I can prepare for my insanely busy weekend which includes a trip to Fresno for a Blog Party, Surprise 30th Bday, Retirement party, and Christmas with my family. I volunteered to take Christian to school for the first time. Since I work M-F from 8-5, I never have that opportunity so I was all about it. As I drop him off, a group of 5 or 6 kids were sitting on the floor playing. Christian tried to join them, but they were making fun of him! They kept saying "Who is that girl who dropped you off, your cousin or your sister?" In this rude, sarcastic voice. Christian being 4 and not really aware of what he should say, just said "No she isn't one of those, she isn't one of those!" So I saw his bottom lip begin to pop out and thats when I decided I had to intervene!! I said, "ACTUALLY....(in a stern voice), I am Christian's Step mom...Christian is soooo super cool that he gets to have two mommys so what do you have to say about that?" And Christian said "Yeah, so for your information I am super cool all the time!" And all the little bullies were quiet!! It made me remember how mean kids were. I am glad that by me saying something, I gave Christian the courage to stick up for himself! He ran over to me after and said, "I love you Steppie!" It was too cute!

Ice Skating in the Embarcadero

Aaron's new invention

I LOVE San Francisco. Last night Aaron and I decided to surprise Christian and take him to the outdoor ice skating rink in the city. Aaron is almost 30 and has lived here his entire life, and has never once been to the outdoor rink they set up during Christmas time. So I decided it would be a great adventure for our family! It was such a blast!! When I got home from work at 5, Aaron had already made hot cocoa and put it in a really nice thermos my dad had given us. (Just an extra way to save a few bucks by making our own)!! It came in so handy! We had sooo much fun skating and it began to rain! It was so awesome!!! This will be a tradition that we have from here on out!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My 25th Birthday Part 2

My cousin Devin and I

My best bud Jessica and her weirdo husband in the back

My hubs and I

The group minus my hubs....he is takin the pic.

I loved my new dress!

The Friday after my birthday a group of us went to a comedy club in SF for dinner. There were two comedians, Lisa Landry & Carlos Alazaraqui. He is the voice for the taco bell dog and he is a character on Reno 911. Lisa Landry blew him out of the water....he wasn't even funny to me! Oh well, I only paid 5 bucks for our tickets! Next we went to The Dirty Martini for drinks and dancing. The beginning of the night was great....

My 25th Birthday

My 25th Birthday was incredible! When I woke up to get in the shower I was shocked to find a note from my husband on the shower wall that he had written in washable marker!! That was a good start to my morning! My husband had this amazing bouquet of fruit sent to my office. It had the most tasty chocolate covered apples ever!! Well, I have never had a chocolate covered apple so I guess I can't really compare the two....but regardless, they were delish! Plus, I always feel extra special when stuff is delivered to my work! Then my hubs surprised me and arranged with my manager for me to leave work early. He told me to get dressed up....I really just thought we were going to dinner so I didnt really get dressed up like he told me to. He took me through these random streets in San Francisco that I have never seen before. He was trying to throw me off. We ended up at this place called Teatro Zinzanni. It is this amazing place where they have a European style caberet/improv/masquerade/cirque solei/comedy show and a 5 course meal all in one. Everyone that works there is in some sort of costume. It was such a great time! If you are ever in San Francisco I would HIGHLY recommend this show. Although it is expensive ($130 a ticket) the food and entertainment are incredible! I would definitely say it is worth it!!! Thanks husband for a great time!!!!