Monday, July 26, 2010


I just realized last week that I am the biggest Quitter I know. I give up on everything that gets challenging for me. I have always tried to portray myself as the girl who finishes what she starts but that is such a lie! I think I started to realize this last week at the gym. I felt fat and gross after not going to the gym for a few weeks and was adamant that when Aaron got home from work, we were going to go. I jumped on the elliptical machine and started going hard! Usually the only thing I focus on is the time. No matter how much of the workout I have left to do, I always stop between 15 and 20 minutes. 15-20 minutes...what the heck..that is NOTHING! So I started one of the little workout programs they have on the machine and I finished it. It made me feel so good and I felt like I had the best workout ever. I gave it 100% and it truly made me feel good after wards. A few weeks ago I tried out this bootcamp class at the gym. I wanted to do something that would help me drop the pounds fast! Of course I KNEW it was going to be hard...hello, its called BOOTCAMP! So I am halfway through the class and as we are doing laps around the gym I make a b-line for the door and leave. What the heck? I just quit because it was hard. I feel like I quit at more than just exercising in my life but this revelation I had on the elliptical made me realize I need to toughen up and stick it out. I don't want to have my kids mimic me and turn into quitters too! So this week I am going to put 100% effort into anything and everything I attempt! Wish me luck bloggers!