Thursday, June 17, 2010

My little fishies!

While visiting my Fam in Fresno I wanted to take my boys swimming for the first time. I learned to swim at 6 months by going to the prestigious Jan Tomas Swim School. I fear that my kids will be the 6 year old sitting on the step with floaties on while the rest of the kids are swimming away! So I want to get them used to the water now! Brayden was a champ...he liked it from the get go! Dylan was a different story! He screamed bloody murder until we came up with the idea to give him a nice drink! =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LAGGING...big time!

So I had this huge goal to start eating right and to lose a bunch of weight...It all started fine and then just kind of ended...I feel like my goal is sooo far away that I just get discouraged and want to give up. The hardest part about it, is that I LOVE food and I mean LOVE it! Food is everywhere and it is such a temptation. Last night we took all of our boys to the San Mateo fair...there I consumed one Jumbo corn dog, shared a big thing of nachos with my hubby, and then got a cinnamon roll to go...WTH! My husband went to GNC last week and spent 70 bucks on a weight gainer/creatine supplement. Really? You have to pay to gain weight!! It sucks that he is trying to pack on the pounds when I am trying to shed them. Nutritionists tell him to eat more and me to eat less! So much more work being that we are shooting for two different outcomes! I just need to get back on track ASAP!