Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not one but TWO!

Last week my hubs and I went to a specialist in San Francisco to test our BABY for any genetic diseases. With this special Integrated Screening test came an ultrasound. If I wouldnt have had this test done at 13 weeks, my first ultrasound wouldn't have been until I was 20 weeks!!! Anyway, we are sitting in the ultrasound room and the lady says, how do you feel about twins?! Um excuse me, what did you say? Aaron and I had no clue that twins were even a possibility. So it turns out we are having identical twins!!! CRAZY!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My hubs is a hottie!

Before: The terrible "Jesus" tattoo

The outline

He is pretending it doesn't hurt

The after tattoo

My husband is hot!

For Aaron's 30th birthday, all he wanted was money! He was adament on getting his ugly "Jesus" tattoo covered! Because I agreed it wasn't the most attractive tattoo, I surprised him with an appointment at Triple R tattoo! Triple R is an awesome shop in the Bay area that has over a 6 month waiting list! Finally, last night, Aaron got his new piece!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My husband the gardner!

Aaron said he was going to go outside and "trim" the tree we have in our backyard. About 30 minutes later he came inside and said I needed to take a look. This is what I stumbled upon. No more tree and a huge pile of tree limbs!!!

The Woman Who Took My Place

I was brushing my teeth and about to jump into bed when I stumbled across this!