Friday, May 21, 2010

My reasons



They make my heart melt each and every day! Thank you GOD for these AMAZING babies!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh the journey...

I have been attempting to loose weight for 18 days now. I am still not confident enough to tell what my starting weight was, but I can say that I have lost 6 pounds. Although I have had a few slip ups with food (a late night trip to Mickey D's and a big ol' cheeseburger from Hooters)...I have done fairly well. I have been lagging big time on the exercise but tonight we went and signed up for the prestigious YMCA in our town...around here it is called the "Y" because it is quite snobby!! I am motivated to work out there because I don't know anyone so I will not feel uncomfortable at all! I am so happy because the daycare is included in our monthly rate. The classes look amazing and I am so excited to try them out!! I am going to keep pushing forward until I feel satisfied. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh how I want this!

My next book purchase will be this book. I saw it in the window at Berean, the Christian bookstore and I want it! Have any of you heard of it?

Life Change-Day 5

Well the past few days I have been out of town in Fresno visiting my family. I will tell you one thing. Having twins makes this "life Change" a very difficult task. I really cannot believe how hard it is to stay on track simply because I have two children. As some of you may know, having twins is no easy task. I can't just run to the grocery store or run to the bank. It takes about 10 minutes to put my HUGE limo double stroller together. It takes about 5 minutes per baby to take out of his car seat and snap him into the stroller. So when I was out of town staying at my Mom's house that contained ZERO and I mean ZERO foods that have any form of nutritional value...I found it hard to eat right. This led me to a breakdown. All I wanted was a freakin Subway sandwich. But I had two sleeping babies and I wasn't about to leave them in the car in the 90 degree heat...I was FORCED to go through the stupid Taco Bell drive through and get a quesadilla. I was seriously pissed. Then it set me off on the fact that healthy restaurants don't have drive throughs. What about the Mom whose husband works, who has 2 babies and is out and about? What about that consumer? I was really frustrated that I ate fast food... that let to my crying fest. Other than that, I am staying on track and am eating healthy. Still need to kick up my cardio though! Thanks for reading guys!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 2 of Life Change

In my previous post I titled it "Day 1 of Diet"...I have decided that I am not on a diet. I am on a path to change my life!! The menu of Day two was:
Breakfast: 2 eggwhites with red and orange bell peppers
Lunch: 6inch Turkey Sand. on Wheat. Tons of lettuce,bellpeppers, cucumbers, and olives. (Subway)
Dinner: Eating Right Lasagna with Minestrone soup and salad.

Need to kick up the exercising!

Day 1 of diet

May 1st was the first day of my diet. I have discovered that this is going to be really complicated considering that I am a mother of twins and a step Mom to a 6 year old! Saturday was difficult because I had my friend Tina staying with us from out of town. Although she supported my diet, she was the first one to order chocolate cookies, cheeseburgers, and scarf down candy in my presence! We had to have all 3 boys up, bathed, fed, dressed, and out the door by 8:30am (not including ourselves!) So breakfast for me was a Fiberone bar. Lunch was a skewer of grilled chicken and veggies over a bed of lettuce with cilantro lime dressing. Dinner was a tostada salad with chicken, black beans, tons of lettuce, and fresh avocado. I wanted to eat the shell so bad and desperately wanted the chips and salsa that came with! But I refused! I was proud of my healthy choices that day! Although we didn't make it to a gym, Tina and I walked a good 5 miles. I was sooo tired...we ended the day with a mani/pedi! I hope I can kick up the exercise!