Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 1 of diet

May 1st was the first day of my diet. I have discovered that this is going to be really complicated considering that I am a mother of twins and a step Mom to a 6 year old! Saturday was difficult because I had my friend Tina staying with us from out of town. Although she supported my diet, she was the first one to order chocolate cookies, cheeseburgers, and scarf down candy in my presence! We had to have all 3 boys up, bathed, fed, dressed, and out the door by 8:30am (not including ourselves!) So breakfast for me was a Fiberone bar. Lunch was a skewer of grilled chicken and veggies over a bed of lettuce with cilantro lime dressing. Dinner was a tostada salad with chicken, black beans, tons of lettuce, and fresh avocado. I wanted to eat the shell so bad and desperately wanted the chips and salsa that came with! But I refused! I was proud of my healthy choices that day! Although we didn't make it to a gym, Tina and I walked a good 5 miles. I was sooo tired...we ended the day with a mani/pedi! I hope I can kick up the exercise!

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Michelene said...

great job! good breakfast choice. get apples, easy to grab for a snack.