Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am a Busy Busy B!

I seriously haven't blogged in forever! Blogging was so much easier when I had NO children! My schedule is jam packed! Full time student, Full time Mommy, and Full time wife!! I wouldn't change any of it though, and am very happy with how things are going these days! Just really focusing on school and am looking forward to summer vacation (starts May 20)! My hubby is a Plumber with UA Local 38 in San Francisco. He is really OVER it because work is slow with the economy the way it is. He has always wanted to be a police officer, so he is finally going for it! June 4th he starts the Police Academy! He will be gone every weekend until he finishes because he is doing the "weekend academy" that is geared towards individuals who have full time commitments during the week like WORK! =) We are going to miss him, but so proud of him too! Here is a picture from last year's Easter Bunny encounter (babies 1st Easter) and this years! =) Boy does one year make a HUGE difference!