Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Rant take 30!

I've been in a rut lately. I love my immediate family so very much, and at times I feel like the plan God has for us is kinda crazy. When people throw out the statement "You can't choose your family" it bothers me. I truly wish I could hand pick each and everyone of my family members. I feel like I got kinda screwed. I am not going to go into major detail on this one, but those of you who know Aaron and I, know our deal with the family situation. Although this is my personal blog where I should be able to share my true thoughts and feelings, I know doing so would cause major havoc that I just don't want or need. But Aaron and I have come to realize that sometimes the people who don't share your blood act more like your family than those who do. Becoming a parent made me view life completely differently than I did before I had kids. My life revolves around my children and my husband and I wouldn't have it any other way. Aaron and the kids totally complete me. We go about our lives on a daily basis without help from anyone else. We are strong people who just keep pushing through the rough patches. I don't know what we would do without each other and I feel like our struggles with the "family" is just bringing us closer together. Society makes it hard to cut out the toxic people in your life when they share your blood. Being guilted and being sabotaged to be around them when you truly don't want to and when you truly have nothing in common is just super frustrating. I used to yearn for those "close knit" relationships and bonds with my family but have come to the conclusion that it is just not meant to be. Cutting ourselves out of the puzzle and attempting to break the generational curses is what we have to do to create a safe and stable environment for OUR children. Although sometimes it is extremely painful and you want to give in because you think the people who have hurt you most have changed, we have to remember HOW MANY times they have put us through the same vicious cycle. I think the example that I had growing up is why I am the Mom that I am today. I always want to be in control and always want to make sure everyone is taken care of. I want my kids to feel loved and respected at all times and I want to raise them to be strong men who aren't afraid to express their opinions and are able to make educated choices based on the morals we have instilled in them. Sometimes Good kids don't come from Good parents and that is just a fact. But we will do our best today and always. The people we have as "family" who make such poor decisions and don't make an effort to be a part of our lives are the ones who are missing out. I have AMAZING children and they are worth making an effort for. The people who don't do what they need to do to involve themselves will be the ones who are missing out in the long run, because they can't go back in time to make up for what they have missed! Time to cuddle my boys and let them feel the love.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A clean house is a happy house

I get beyond stressed out when my house is a disaster. It seems that there is always an unbelievable amount of never-ending clutter! I pick up a toy and put it away, and the babies follow me and take it out again. I get so fed up sometimes and I just say, Forget it!!! We used to be able to afford a house keeper, but lately things are just too tight. Organization in my home makes me feel at ease. I can finally sit back and enjoy doing unproductive things when my house is organized, instead of having that "guilty" feeling! Since we rent this house, there is no way we are going to invest our own money into it. Our carpet is wretched! It is brown and like 30 years old! I vacuum it every day because it always looks dirty due to its age! It is such a pet peeve of mine but our landlord refuses to update it. Our den/playroom has wood paneling (YUCK!) I would do this house up so cute if it were my own! But tonight, I am able to sit on my couch and enjoy the Giants game in my nice and clean casa! It is definitely the little things! =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brittany's Favorite Things-Like Oprah, well kinda.

I have recently discovered something delightful. Skinnygirl Margaritas. Seriously it is super delish. I love Margaritas, but every time I order one, I end up with "bitter beer" face because it is either too strong or too sweet. But Skinnygirl is perfect. You just open and drink! It is so easy since the alcohol is already mixed in the bottle. Only 100 calories for a 4oz glass! I found this special treat at Costco for the amazing price of $10.99. After I consumed 2 bottles (with the help of my good friend Tina & of course my husband), we were in need of more. We had to settle for purchasing Skinnygirl from BevMo for $14.99 =( as I sit here and talk about my new favorite thing, I have a cocktail beside me. I just can't get enough...however, that could be viewed as a problem! Everything in moderation right?! You gotta try this, you will be in love! Xo-

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RIP Caylee

So I have been out of town for a few days on top of just being a busy wife and Mom, so of course Blogging has been put on the back burner yet again. But tonight, I want to let loose about something that has REALLY bothered me today:

#1-Casey Anthony Trial
When I was younger (like high school years) I lived with my Grandma Dottie. She was OBSESSED with Court TV. I mean OBSESSED. She would sit in her room all day and watch the OJ Trial religiously. She always said she wished she was a juror on that trial to persuade everyone that he actually WAS guilty of killing his ex wife Nicole Brown and her BF Ronald Goldman. We went as far as naming our dog Kato after Kato Kaelin. I have always been interested in the law, and even went to a special high school that specialized in Law, Order, & Policy. So when Caylee Anthony went missing, I watched it constantly. Her mom, Casey Anthony was a flippin liar from the get go. When they arrested her, I knew it was for good reason! I have followed the trial since the beginning (about 2.5 years) and when I knew they were reading the verdict today, I was tuned in. I thought that Jose Baez the defense attorney, was a fool. Every time I heard him speak during the trial, I thought he was just making it more clear to the jury, that his client was GUILTY! But today, when she was found Not Guilty, I was just sickened....I mean, as a Mother, this case really hit home for me. That beautiful baby girl died and at what cost? I do not know all the facts at all, HOWEVER, a fact: Casey said that the last time she saw Caylee, she dropped her off to Zeneida (Her nanny). Ummm, so it was PROVEN that there was no such nanny named Zeneida! do you think that she has nothing to do with the disappearance of her daughter if she lied about where she was and after she knew she was missing for 30 days, she failed to report it to ANYONE and was partying like a rockstar? She slept with multiple guys, she drank like a fish, and lied, lied, and lied to everyone! She was an irresponsible-unproductive citizen if you ask me! She was soooo not deserving of sweet Caylee. So needless to say, the outcome of this case really bothers me. I hope that Casey Anthony gets some street justice sooner or later...just saying that she has to live with the death of her daughter means nothing to me at all...I mean she killed her for crying out loud! It is a sad day all across America because justice was not served. And if you have a difference of opinion in this matter, it is probably best to share it with someone OTHER than me because I feel how I feel and I think this chick should have got the chair. Tonight my porch light is on in memory of that sweet little girl. I hope she rests in peace!