Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brittany's Favorite Things-Like Oprah, well kinda.

I have recently discovered something delightful. Skinnygirl Margaritas. Seriously it is super delish. I love Margaritas, but every time I order one, I end up with "bitter beer" face because it is either too strong or too sweet. But Skinnygirl is perfect. You just open and drink! It is so easy since the alcohol is already mixed in the bottle. Only 100 calories for a 4oz glass! I found this special treat at Costco for the amazing price of $10.99. After I consumed 2 bottles (with the help of my good friend Tina & of course my husband), we were in need of more. We had to settle for purchasing Skinnygirl from BevMo for $14.99 =( as I sit here and talk about my new favorite thing, I have a cocktail beside me. I just can't get enough...however, that could be viewed as a problem! Everything in moderation right?! You gotta try this, you will be in love! Xo-


Amanda Hill said...

I loooooove skinny girl margs! Yummmmmmmm

Michelene said...

Allright, had my first skinny girl this afternoon. I love! But 4 ozs., not gonna happen. Well, we shall see. It is delish!