Thursday, June 18, 2009

My hubs is a hottie!

Before: The terrible "Jesus" tattoo

The outline

He is pretending it doesn't hurt

The after tattoo

My husband is hot!

For Aaron's 30th birthday, all he wanted was money! He was adament on getting his ugly "Jesus" tattoo covered! Because I agreed it wasn't the most attractive tattoo, I surprised him with an appointment at Triple R tattoo! Triple R is an awesome shop in the Bay area that has over a 6 month waiting list! Finally, last night, Aaron got his new piece!


Michelene said...

Love it! Hotness wrapped up in a carne asada burrito with tapito on top! I have been having tapito on my eggs, delicio! Love you, miss you!

Michelle said...

I like the new one. It looks goooood! That was really sweet of you. What a great present!