Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jimbo's Retirement

My step-dad retired this month. He worked for the Fresno Police Department for 40 years! Isn't that crazy?? 40 years seems so long! My Aunt Cindy threw him a nice retirement party at the Verdi Club in Fresno. The food was delish and the "roast" was hilarious. My step dad said that he was kind of down in the dumps because he started when he was young, and he ended when he was old. He said it doesnt feel good to get old. It was kinda a 25 year old, I yearn for the day I can retire! I guess the lesson I learned from his words was to cherish each and everyday and dont rush your life! Soak up everyday because time flies! What are your thoughts on retirement?

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eM said...

Great post Brittany. That was quite a profound thing ol' Jim said about starting young and ending old... seems like we all fall into that trap of wishing for things like retirement etc... but in reality, it's a blessing to have all the things we complain about.. my sister is always saying how she never gets any peace & quite or how her (3) kids make such a huge mess so fast, and I'm always thinking, "It must be so nice to have all those little voices & mess, it sure can get lonely & quiet over here for us" ... Ted is always looking forward to retirement too, but it's the now that's "the good stuff" ...It really is easy to loose perspective... I do it all the time, but your post was a very good reminder that all that's going on now, Right NOW is the good stuff & should be cherished! Thanks for that!