Sunday, December 28, 2008

Twas' the Night Before Christmas...

Santa Came!!

Oh wait, that's not Santa! Busted!

Look what Santa Brought! We are so blessed!

Christian put out his cookies and milk!

Cute cousins playing with their hulk hands!

Our Family!

My baby girl aka Leila Claus

My seester in law and her adorable famila!

Little Leila Bean in her Christmas suit!
We spent Christmas Eve at my husbands' parent's house this year. We had a great time! We played an awesome new game called "Imagin-if!" If you do not have this game, I truly recommend you buy it! We were all laughing hysterically! We opened gifts, ate tons of food, and then went to church at 10:00pm. It was such a great night. Then we went home and Christian set out his cookies and milk for Santa and then we sent him to bed! Mr. and Mrs. Claus were up until 2:30 am preparing for the following morning!! It was the first time since Christian was born that he got to have a "Santa-Like" experience. He was sooooooooooooooooooo excited I can't even describe it! How was your Christmas eve???

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--M said...

Christmas always seems so...lackluster these days now that I'm an adult. But when you have a little one around, they always get so excited! I love it!
Looks like your fam had a great holiday, I love it!