Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My juicy Bird!

A few years back when I lived in San Luis Obispo, a bunch of my male roomates and I decided we would create Thanksgivign at our house. So of course I called my dad since he was a great cook and asked him how to make a turkey. He gave me directions and the turkey was soooo good! I was so proud and all the guys were quite impressed! So this year since my immediate family didn't really have a sit down dinner, I decided to create our own at our house with the sides we all like! But the problem was, I forgot how to make the turkey the way my dad told me to and it really hurt me that I could'nt just pick up the phone and ask. I called my Grandma and she reminded me oh how my dad used to do it. I was so proud once again, because it came out so tender and juicy. Do you notice how we are eating in tank-tops? Isnt Thanksgiving supposed to be cold and you are supposed to sip warm drinks?? Yeah, not here. It was about 78 degrees in San Francisco! We had all the windows open and were so uncomfortable why we ate! Oh well at least it tasted great! Have a look at my bird!


Michelene said...

Wow! We are coming there next year. you are a rock star. Your house looks cute, too. I think you are an amazing wife, now start to believe it. Have a great day, love!

eM said...

Wow, good job Brittany! I have no idea how to cook a turkey! My mom & sister usually take care of the hard stuff, I usually only make green beans! lol! You did a beautiful job though! xoxox