Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice Skating in the Embarcadero

Aaron's new invention

I LOVE San Francisco. Last night Aaron and I decided to surprise Christian and take him to the outdoor ice skating rink in the city. Aaron is almost 30 and has lived here his entire life, and has never once been to the outdoor rink they set up during Christmas time. So I decided it would be a great adventure for our family! It was such a blast!! When I got home from work at 5, Aaron had already made hot cocoa and put it in a really nice thermos my dad had given us. (Just an extra way to save a few bucks by making our own)!! It came in so handy! We had sooo much fun skating and it began to rain! It was so awesome!!! This will be a tradition that we have from here on out!!


JohnnaB said...

So cute!!! Great seeing you the other night!!

Michelle said...

Aaron isn't the only one. I have never been to the ice rink either. Maybe I can join you next year.