Monday, June 27, 2011

$2 Tank Tops! What What!!

In our house, money is tight. I NEVER and I mean NEVER buy anything for myself. My friend Julia let me know about Old Navys $2 tank top sale. I was just sitting around and didn't have anything planned, so the twinsies and I headed to check out the deal! I was pleasantly surprised that there was a huge selection and that they had my size! So I felt like it was meant to be and got 7 new tanks! I know this might be the most random post, but I truly was super excited about getting 7 tank tops for $15's the little things I tell you!!

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ashley erin said...

awesome! i love those tanks and for 2 bucks. you cant even buy a gallon of milk for that! im all about the deals these days and im proud of it. my spending mentality has changed for the good! you deserve those tanks :) a girl can never have too many!!