Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One on ONE time

I don't know what it feels like to have "just one child." Besides Brayden being in the NICU for a few days when he was born, and besides Dylan's time at Valley Children's Hospital when he was around 3 months, I have ALWAYS been with the both of them. Like clock work, we put the boys down to sleep at 8pm every night, and they quickly go to bed with no hassle and no crying. Tonight at around 9pm we heard laughter and the sound of squeaking (which indicated that one or both of the kids was jumping for joy in their crib). To our surprise, Dylan was wide awake and full of energy! We quietly snuck him out of the room without waking up Brayden and brought Dylan back out to the living room. We had the Giants game on and for those of you who know Dylan, he is Momma's boy when it comes to baseball! He is a huge baseball fan and gets SUPER excited when he sees it on TV! He did a little jump, grabbed his mitt and baseball out of the toy box, and then jumped on the couch next to Dad. In fact, one of the only words he says is "BASEBALLLLL"-I am proud =) He was just sitting there, watching the game. It was so odd because it wasn't chaotic at all. Having one child awake and one asleep is something that never happens. I always see my boys together and so I never get to spend one on one time with each boy, and don't get to explore their individual personalities. We thought we would take advantage of it and so Daddy & Dylan had a mini play date with each other. The sound of Dylan's constant giggles made me feel just so incredibly happy. I love both of my boys so much, but it is fun to spend time with each one individually.

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Crystal said...

soo much fun!!!! i love u guys...glad u guys got that quality time!!!