Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday thoughts...

Today I am breaking out of my house and going to my in laws who live like 3 minutes away. We are celebrating 2 birthdays. I have to go and lay down on the couch the whole time but am seriously happy to be breaking out of my house! I need a change of scenery bad.


Why are these babies beating the crap out of each other in my stomach? I put my cell phone on my belly and one of them kicked it off! These boys arent even out yet and they are rambunctious!

My new landlord still has not replied to the email I sent him regarding the new carpet. UGH! WTH?!?!?

I need a long expensive pedicure BADLY! My toes are lookin' rough!

Peeve: WHY aren't people rsvp'ing to my Fresno baby shower? I just don't get it! I guess I am just so anal about rsvp'ing that I do it the day I get an invitation in the mail!


Lana said...

Hi Brittany. I just read through your posts and I am sorry to hear about the bedrest! I hope those boys stay put for a long time.
And I hope your landlords puts in new carpet! I love new carpet.

Michelene said...

Hey girl! I am glad you were so happy about breaking out of the house. Was the party fun? Did you look cute? Those boys are crazy because they are YOUR boys. Duh! I think everyone is waiting to see if your shower is even going to happen. I am going to text you know to see how the doctor is going!

Lacy said...

I didn't get many RSVP's for my shower and a lot of people showed up. I wish I could be there!