Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bed Rest at Home-Day 5

Today I was actually getting stuff done and being productive from my bed. I composed a list of every single credit card, utility company, health and auto insurance company, etc. and got their contact info so that I can call and change our address with each company. Tomorrow I have my first visit with the nurse/home health care aid. I was instructed to write her a list of what I need help with so I hope she doesn't think I am too demanding. I really am so thankful to my Aunt Cindy for this gift. Without her, this help would not have been possible for us and I know it is going to be a big relief off of Aaron's shoulders! I was a bit bummed out to see that the bedding and all the accessories I registered for at are being discontinued and only have limited stock available. I really love this bedding now that I have gotten used to it. I am just torn! Do I register for new bedding or just hope for the best? I need your opinion! Look at the bedding and vote on what wall color you think would go well with it! Since I am on bed rest, I am going to have Aaron run out and grab me paint samples so he can work on the nursery at the new house! Thanks guys!


Cami said...

i love it! it's edgy! rawk-star!! hmm... can't you just keep it on order and also have a backup?? gah!!

Michelene said...

Hilarious! I bet someone needs to order it quick!

R.M.C. said...

I really really REALLY like the ones with the animals. Like the first one that shows up when you pick bedding.