Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hoping and Praying for Change!

Aaron and I have already signed the rental agreement for our new place in San Mateo. Bigger house, nicer neighborhood and better weather, and WAY better schools. Our current landlord is so mellow and laid back. We fear that he new one is not the same. In my opinion he seems to fear change and seems to think that wood panel walls and chocolate brown shag carpet with stains that hasn't been changed for a good 20 plus years is suitable. We did sign the rental agreement but simply because we need more space for all these kids we are about to have! It was a reasonably priced property so we can't really complain! I sacked up and just sent this email to the new landlord! What do you think his response will be??

Hello John-

I wanted to thank you for giving Aaron the keys early. As he told you, I was admitted into the hospital so it seems as though he will be doing all of the moving and packing himself! We were discussing the house and were curious if you had ever considered getting new carpet or new flooring? We have a friend who works at Lowe's who said we could most likely get brand new carpet throughout the entire house as well as installation for under $1500. We plan on living in your house for a while and are only interested in doing repairs or upgrades that boost your property value. The conversation came up when we were discussing the fact that soon we are going to have two premature babies whose primary place to be will be crawling around the floor and we were just worried about it being clean enough and safe enough for them to do that. We really take pride in where we currently live and plan to do the same at your property. We don't want to bombard you with requests or demands, we simply wanted to throw it out there to get your feedback because we know it never hurts to ask! Hope you guys have a good weekend and hope to hear from you soon!


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Cami said...

that is a well-written, and extremely polite e-mail. i am praying that the new landlord will consider your request.