Sunday, August 16, 2009

The small stuff

Since I am pregnant I am 500% more emotional than usual. I am thinking about things that are completely random and am being way too philosophical for my own good. One thing that has really bothered me lately, is the fact that I just realized that most of the people I know who are full of depth and substance, have all endured some sort of major loss or hardship in their life. I was randomly looking at blogs today and came across one about this wife who lost her husband. She is raising her 7 year old son all alone. She is blogging about her life without her man and is being so open about her feelings. She talks about the little things she misses that she used to take for granted. I sat here reading on and on and just felt my eyes swell up with tears. What would life be like without my husband? I could NOT imagine it. He is my life. I am not saying we don't fight or get into the most ridiculous arguments ever, but he is still my life and I love him to death. He is laying in the other room napping with his son as we speak, and I want to just go lay by him. I do not even know that woman, but I hate that she is going through this pain. Today just really made me realize, that we REALLY should NOT sweat the small stuff.


Michelene said...

Devastating loss makes you realize that the small stuff does NOT matter. Quality time matters. Depth matters, relationship matters. You get it girl. You have had major loss. Open your heart to the Truth. There is nothing outside relationship with our Maker.

Mariah said...

Wow, well said Brittany... You are *so* right on that too... With his new job, it has been made crystal clear to Ted too.. it's hard to know how fragile our lives are, but that's what makes the good stuff so, so sweet! Enjoy your time with your little family now, things will be much busier soon! Love you! xoxoxox
PS - speaking of small things, I love your new blog design! Very cute! xoxoxo