Monday, August 24, 2009

Hospitals SUCK

Here is a pic of me in my boring hospital room! Aaron brought my own blanket to make me feel more at home!

I was only in the hospital Monday-Friday. I will tell you that staying in the hospital equals getting NO SLEEP at all! The most annoying part is when the nurse comes in every 3 hours and attempts to find both babies heart beats at the same time. I could see if they were in danger but the problem was my cervix...not the babies heartbeats. As of now the babies are healthy as can be! Twin A is 14 ounces and Twin B is a whopping 1 pound! The swim around like little fish and I constantly feel movement...(mostly when I eat!) I understand it is protocol and they are just doing their job, but it is sooo time consuming and some nurses are just down right terrible at using a doppler! I am happy to be home even if I am on bed rest!

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Mariah said...

awwww, "a whopping one pound!" So sweet! <3 Has anyone told you that you are absolutely the most adorable pregnant mama ever!?? You are. Totally adorable :) xooxox