Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting Sick of Bed rest-Day 6

This whole getting NO sleep thing is really starting to irritate me. My back aches soooo much and it feels like it is just going to snap! I yearn for a new mattress. We sleep on the same mattress now that was purchased for me by my dad as I went into the 7th grade. I would say it is time for a new one. The next one will DEFINITELY be a King because I hate touching when it is time for rest. I am so indecisive about what I I want a firm one or a pillow top? Ahh who knows! All I know is that I don't think the bed rest is helping out with the back pain. I day dream about being at Burke Williams Day Spa in the City! First I would have a milk bath and then I would have a Pure relaxation massage and probably add on a foot rub! I told Aaron as he left for work this morning that no matter what the cost, I WILL indeed be treating myself to that once this bambinos are born and are free and clear of any health risks. Today my caregiver comes. Aaron read the list I made for her and said I didnt sound very nice. I hope he was just being very critical and I hope she thinks I am not too demanding! I will update later to let you know how it goes! ~B

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Michelene said...

You have a long road baby! Get comfy somehow! You and those boys need to chill. Call as soon as you are done with your visitor today. :)