Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Times!

After a good 2 weeks of being sick, my hubs and I finally got to get out of the house and enjoy some time with our good friends the Ochoas!! We went to a few wineries in Livermore, CA and tasted some great vino! This one vineyard called Thomas Cloyne was great!! They served hot Jambalaya and cornbread! They had a red Zinfandel on special so we got a couple bottles. As we were leaving, there was an OPEN HOUSE sign for this huge house on a Vineyard. All 3 cars that were with our group decided to go check it out! The house was amazing...1 million 800,000! Then we headed back to Tracy and hung out! We snacked and had more wine, and indulged in some great convo! I can't wait until we can finally move to Tracy!


Anonymous said...

Ok this may sound funny but I just miss being around people that look like you guys. HAHAHA. No joke. I feel at home when I see your pictures. Everything from brown hair and eyes, to brown skin to the way you guys dress. I miss it. YOu look great! How is that for a comment. HAHAHA! H

Michelle said...

Tracy? Why would you leave us?