Saturday, March 14, 2009

Babies on the brain!!

So I am 25 and my husband will be 30 next month. He has a 4 year old who will also have a birthday next month. I have mixed emotions about babies. Like I really really really want to have them, and then 5 minutes later think, I want a house, I want a career, I want to travel. On my lunch hour everyday, I come home sit on my couch and cry my eyes out watching TLC's A Baby Story. I love babies. But then I am fearful of whether or not I will be able to handle it. Being in San Fran and my family in Fresno makes me nervous. How the heck will Aaron and I be able to pay our bills, raise good children, and still have time for our marriage without any help from any family??? Also, what is your opinion on the Chinese Lunar Calendar?? Is it fact or fiction???

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RMC said...

Um... too soon for babies! Enjoy your marriage for a little bit! Settle in. Enjoy each other before you have to take care of a little one. (besides Christian!) Richard and I will be together 5 years when we get married next year and we will probably wait another 4 or 5 before we have babies. I want to make sure we work as a team before we bring a child into the world. I came from a broken family and would NEVER want to put kids through that!

And Chinese calendar..WHAT?! I'm a rat if that's what you mean. LOL