Monday, March 2, 2009

And the cook-off begins!!!!!!

So I have been giving my husband a hard time lately because construction has been really slow and I have been the only one working. My daily joke consists of telling him to have my dinner on the table at 5 since I am the one bringing home the bacon! He usually just laughs along and brushes me off. Today I got home from work to find my house is spotless and Aaron in the kitchen cooking me dinner. I was in shock! He was so cute! He said that he was going through my Rachel Ray and Pampered Chef cookbooks until he found something perfect! His recipe tonight was a decadent shrimp pasta! It was so good! I was so proud of him! I went in the bedroom while he cooked and all of a sudden he called my name. I ran into the kitchen and he was standing there with watery eyes and a sour look on his face. He said that he didn't know cutting onions really hurt peoples eyes. It was hilarious! So as we sat down eating Aaron's creation, we got into a debate about cooking dinner. I said that he should cook dinner every night even when he goes back to work because he gets off everyday at 2pm! So we are going to have a cook off! I am going to cook one night, and he is going to cook one night and we are going to have someone judge our food. May the best man win!!


Michelene said...

Love it! Was this his firt time chopping an onion? That is the best!

Michelle said...

Great idea! Love the fact he's cooking!