Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're Back!!!!!!!

Last night at 9:35pm we touched down in SFO from our week long Hawaiian honeymoon! The second we landed, there was an earthquake in San Francisco. 4.1 I believe the news said. It made our plane go sideways and the plane got instantly silent. Aaron and I shared a worried glare, but then the plane finally straightened out, and then stopped and we were happy to be alive! Since we were on board, we didn't know there was an earthquake, so we just assumed we had the worst pilot ever! It wasn't until we got off the plane, that we heard about the quake. But regardless, it definitely did not ruin our trip! We had an AMAZING honeymoon. Aaron and I arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Maui and truly discovered the meaning of 'relaxation'!! The grounds were gorgeous and the weather was beautiful. I considered it to be my last 'hoorah' from my dad, considering the vacation was paid for by his American Express points before he died. It was bittersweet. My mom and step-dad had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room and we were so happy! Then the next night our dear friends Keith and Carol had a bottle of wine sent to our room. We felt so loved! While we were there, we took in the sights, snorkeled, swam with sea turtles, cruised around in our convertible Seabring, layed out by our amazing pool, drank endless Mai Tai's and Blue Hawaiian's, and watched a great Luau! My favorite excursion was the Sunset Dinner Cruise. We met really nice people while we were there too. It is great to meet new people who know not a single thing about you, and you can just get to know other people and learn about how they live. I loved being with Aaron the entire time. We finally got the chance to feel like a married couple. We were just so in love the entire time and I loved it. I am so blessed to have had such a great trip with a great man, from a great man.


Michelene said...

These photos are just how I imagine Hawaii looking. I went for HS graduation, but did not enjoy anything Hawaiian except the sun, surf, my fake ID and my boyfriend. We did not do anything like you did. No luau, no scuba, nada. Boos cruise and the ABC store. LOL.

I am so glad you are back We really want to travel with you. You guys are big time! Enjoy your last day with your hubby before work starts again. Kiss Aaron and Christian for us.

HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

Welcome back!! The pictures look amazing. You have officially mad me want to go to Hawaii. It looks so romantic!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. I really miss our trips to hawaii. We used to go every year but now that we live in Atlanta its not as easy to get to. Looks fun. H