Monday, September 8, 2008

A case of the Mondays..

Today was my first day back to work in over a week and a half. I woke up late (I think my body is still on Hawaii time) and jumped in the shower. After I did my hair and everything, I burnt myself with the flat iron. I looked at the clock and was faced with a choice: I could either put on makeup or go to Starbucks! Coffee it is! I ran to the door, went to grab my keys, and keys were gone! This pissed me off to no end because I had placed the keys in that particular spot on purpose, to ensure I would not lose them. I called answer. UGH...I called him a few more times and finally he picked up. I asked him where the keys were and he said he didn't touch them, and that I must have misplaced them. I was INFURIATED. I knew for a FACT that the keys were there! I screamed at him and hung up! Now it is 8:03am and I have no coffee, I am 3 minutes late to work, and have no ride. I start tearing the house apart, thinking that they have to be somewhere. 8:15am...I find the keys in the pocket of Aaron's jeans that he had worn yesterday...hmmmm...I am right again. Needless to say...he got a really NASTY text! What do you do when you have a bad start to your day?? ~B


HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

I pick fights with Richard so I am not the only one in a bad mood. Or call my mom at 7am to vent to her. Then call her at lunch to apologize.

Or I blog.


Anonymous said...

... you remember the good ol' days when you weren't responsible. MUAH! Nikki

HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

Haha... To answer your questions: I went to Japan on vacation with my boyfriend (now Fiance). That's where he proposed! I was planning on going to Dublin with my brother to visit a very good friend who is moving there to get her MBA and my brother heard about the tour of Ireland being sponsored by KMJ (Fresno radio station). So we called and got on their waiting list and two people cancelled so now we are not only going to Dublin, but touring all of Ireland. How can I afford this? I am very blessed. Have no debt. And make really good money. (I have also learned (the hard way) how to manage that money!)

But this all didn't just happen overnight! I worked very hard to get where I am and paid off a lot of debt! (2 years ago I had 9 maxed out credit cards. I was robbin' Peter to pay Paul!) Don't worry you'll get there!!