Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our first sorta-kinda family night!

Blogging has opened me up to a world of new ideas. I first discovered family nights by exploring random blogs that were on my cousin Mish's blog. (Aka Fitz Crew) At first I thought it wouldn't work for our family, considering we only have Christian Tuesday & Thursday from 4-8:30 and every other weekend. But then I had a revelation! If we only have him for such a short time, why don't we explore "family nights" so that we enrich our time together while he is here?? So here is how tonight went: Nothing fancy, just some old fashioned Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie makin' with Chef Christian, Steppie, and Dad! Aaron insisted that I wear an Apron, so I thought it would be clever to have Christian BEG him to wear my Domestic Diva apron! Of course he couldn't turn down his begging 4 year old!!! As you can tell, Aaron was thrilled!!!


Michelene said...

I love it! You all look great. I miss you! I am proud of your effort, Britt. You are an awesome Steppie! xoxo

Mindless Mental Note said...

That is so adorable!!! Christian looks so cute in his little chef's hat!