Thursday, September 25, 2008


Some idiot keeps writing "Anonymous" comments on my blog. They always comment on things that have to do with speaking my "OPINION" that I am entitled to have, in regards to the town of South San Francisco. It cracks me up because they are too chicken Sh*t to write their name on their posts, which leads me to believe they are just another random South City piece of trash that is fakin' the front and is super two faced! I probably know this person and they probably act like we are best friends! Thats why I don't trust a single person in this town except for my husband! I am just glad that this person proves my point everytime they leave me a comment! :)


Denise said...

Found your blog on facebook. Why do you dislike SSF so much.

Denise said...

oh and don't let ignorance get you down

Michelene said...

Lots of love to you B. South City is not terrible. You could live worse, I promise. Get over it, girl. Are you meeting Cindy in the city tonight for dinner? Where?