Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's Frustrations

I know I shouldn't sweat the small stuff at all! So I am TOTALLY NOT sweating it...but I needed a place to vent today and so I chose my faithful old blog!


While I am driving to pick up my Steppie from kindergarten, a man in his 30's (who I can almost guarantee has no license or is not a citizen of the US) pulls out right in front of me forcing me to swerve into the other lane!! I throw my hands up like "what the heck pal?" He flips me off, and grabs his disability placard off of his mirror and starts waving it at me. I rolled down my window and chewed him a new one! I told him being disabled doesn't make it okay for him to drive like a freakin' idiot! He gave me the finger once again and even though I wanted to tell him what was really on my mind and show him how lovely my middle finger is, I decided it wouldn't be appropriate for my big prego self to act like that! So I rolled up my window and drove away!


Doctors who cannot get on the same page. Being pregnant with identical twin boys who share one placenta make me high risk. Along with having gestational diabetes, I have a lot of doctor appointments. Today I was on the phone scheduling appointments that needed to coordinate with one another and lets just say it is a pain! Ultrasound appointments (every 2 weeks since they found out I was prego), diabetes appointments once a week, Appointments with my regular OB every 2 weeks, Digital cervix checks every 2 weeks, and last but not least, stress test appointments. Oh, did I mention that all of the appointments are at completely different places across the Bay Area? I am busier on bed rest than I was not being on bed rest. I wish that the doctors could give my hubs and I some answers. We want to know when we are delivering and how and where! Those seems to be 3 things we can never get answered!


Craigslist! WTH is up with people who post stuff for sale and then you hit them up because you are interested in their item and they NEVER get back to you?!?!?! Even if it is sold, I would appreciate a quick email saying so!


Is it really that hard for people to pick up the phone to call or send a text to RSVP? Or is it really that hard to send a quick email or a facebook message to RSVP? NO! It is NOT hard, people are just lazy or just simply unorganized. After planning my wedding I got a HUGE reality check about how people don't really understand the importance of an RSVP! My second baby shower is this Saturday and more than half of the people on the list have not RSVP'd.....Annoying!