Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Babies' Room

Rotted wood in the window seal

The colorful walls (the dark one is actually pink but it looks blue here)

The golf ball sized hole in the ugly shag brown carpet

more rotted wood

The ugly closet doors with the very bright and colorful walls

Well Aaron and I are finally moved into our new house. EXCEPT we still have a million and one boxes laying around that need to be unpacked. This house is such a mess and needs a lot of work and TLC. It sucks that we are just renting because we would love to put our sweat and our money into the house if it was OURS. Our first project is the babies' room. It is the largest room in the new house. The people who lived here before had 3 kids in the room and let them each paint a wall. We have a pink, purple, and 2 yellow walls. Not very cute! We are going to transform it into a cute little nursery!

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