Monday, November 3, 2008

Starbucks Anyone????

Christian and I go to Starbucks together. That is our thing. It was so cute trying to teach him to remember the name of the place. We have been going there together since we met eachother more than 2 years ago. He always tells the cashier that he will take a kids coffee....and then I say, how about a kids hot chocolate? What do you do with your kids that is "your thing?"


Cami said...

Brittany, this is SO sweet! I love that you are trying to make special memories with Christian. You are such a wonderful person - keep it up!

As for me and my little one, it depends on the season. When it's summer, our "thing" is to go to the local ice-cream place, where everything is homemade, and we both get a little cup of ice cream. We sit on the benches outdoors and watch everyone else get their ice cream while we eat ours. During winter, we usually go to the local coffee shop and bakery, LuLu's, on Sunday afternoon for a coffee and pastry.

During winter or summer, another "thing" of ours is to watch a movie in the theater on a Friday afternoon when I get off work. We do the works - popcorn, hotdog, little box of candy -- and enjoy the latest kiddie movie on the big screen.

I think it doesn't really matter what we are doing with our kids, as long as we spend one-on-one, intentional time with them -- that's what makes the difference!


Cami said...
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Michelene said...

Great job, B. I love that picture of you and Christian. You are doing a wonderful job with him. We miss you all.