Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Should I Vote For??

Ok, so I have never really been one who cares too much about politics. But as I am getting older and becoming a real adult, I thought that it is about time I get into it. I am a Christian. Not the best one, but I am one. Therefore, I know I am supposed to vote for Big John for moral reasons. But then I watched my first Presidential Debate the other night and discovered that Obama enticed me. He is articulate and well spoken. John McCain irritated me because he kept saying "My friends" over and over again, and he studdered and seemed that he couldn't get his point across. All of my Christian friends say that Obama says all the right things but has no plan. I just look at what a hole George Bush put us in and I wonder if I should jump ship and become a Democrat. It is hard to view my "conservative" opinion in the Bay area because everyone here is just so freakin' liberal. Who are you voting for and why?? What about prop 8? What are your views??


HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

Ok- you HAVE to do your own research. Don't listen to the news. Research what each candidate REALLY stands for.

Personally, I think both candidates suck. Call me a racist, or a biggot, or a right-winged-radical but I would NEVER vote for Obama. EVER. I think I may just do a write-in. (For Ron Paul)

And I believe marriage is, and should stay, between a man and a woman.

I know it must be hard to be conservative and live where you live. When I was there last weekend they had LoveFest. Soooo weird!

Whatever your decision, just make sure to vote. It is sooo important!

The Wittwer Family said...

We are McCain/Palin all the way. He is different in point of view from most republicains. He is almost considered a libral...but I think him and her could shack things up and get things changing. I have to say obama was very intresting to me in the beginning also. But I am not for someone who is outwardly supported by terrorist. He has never passed a bill while in the senate and seems to be after the big name reather then actually want to accomplish something.

Shelly said...

I am a McCain fan for much of the same reasons the Wittwer stated. I feel like they are a team that will actually bridge party lines and get things done that we desperately need. I don't trust Obama at all. As far as Prop 8 I am voting Yes- which keeps it between a man and women only. I am sure you are hearing a lot of liberal views on this one in the Bay area. The ripple effect this prop could cause is huge and scarry. I agree with hesaysi'mtheone and think you should really research the candidtates and the propostions and see what they really stand for and oppose- I think it will become really clear for you.

Cami said...

Hey Brit: I know you already know how I feel about this one! I do agree with pretty much everyone who commented here. I am with "hesaysi'mtheone" about both candidates not being that great ... but in this case, i vote for the party.

initially, obama had that "wow" factor for me when he first spoke at the Democratic Conf - but as these days pan out, i am afraid of what it could mean for america if obama was elected as president. it is fact that he had friendships with un-repentant terrorist william ayres (who bombed the pentagon in the 70s), sat in the church of rev. wright for over 20 years (who was quoted as saying "godda** america), and kalidi, former member of the palestinian liberation organization. it has been proven that these friendships existed recently, until senator obama revoked the friendships, conveniently during this campaign. i DID NOT know any of this about obama until the last few weeks watching FoxNews, listening to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Look them up online.

Anyway, we can't forget Sarah Palin! She's a true reformer. Someone who is not a Washington DC elite, but someone who can relate to the common American. I value what she stands for and I think she would truly clean house, the White House, that is, if McCain was elected and she became Veep.

Do some research online!! Listen to talk radio. Watch FoxNews! Check out my blog for all the websites I was talking about above. And most importantly, pray about it earnestly! Only a few more days til we have to vote!!