Thursday, October 23, 2008

How I met my husband!

I have been getting asked how I met my husband by a lot of people lately. So I thought I would share how it happened! My friend Heather whom was my great friend in San Luis Obispo moved home to Los Altos after she graduated from Cal Poly. She invited me to come visit her for the weekend. I had just had a terrible break up with a loser I was "dating." I was totally up for the road trip! She took me out to a preppy bar in Palo Alto near Stanford University. She said she was on a mission to find me a rich preppy white guy! As we walked into the bar, The Old Pro, I saw Aaron. His friend and him stood out like a sore thumb. All the guys in the bar were just as Heather described, preppy and white. And then there was Aaron....Mexican, dark, and definitely not preppy. He intrigued me. While all of the other guys were wearing nice slacks and Ralph Lauren button ups, Aaron and his friend Tony were wearing work jeans, sweatshirts, and biker vests. Aaron had a hat on backwards. I told Heather we should go stand by them. She said "Go figure that's who you would like!" As I was Heather's designated driver, she began to drink. We were standing next to the mechanical bull and we were arguing over who should ride it. After a few minutes of going back and forth, Aaron interrupted and said he thought we should both ride the bull and that he would pay. I acted like I was irritated he interrupted us but I was secretly happy he finally spoke to us! After awhile Aaron and I started talking and by the end of the night we were exchanging phone numbers and "myspace web page addresses" with eachother on paper coasters. Then we took our first picture together!!! I felt giddy the rest of the night. At 2am when Heather and I finally made it back to her house, I texted Aaron and said it was really nice to meet you, I had fun! HE NEVER TEXTED ME BACK! And to this day he still claims he didn't have text messaging on his phone! What a liar! So that's our story, how did you meet your significant other???


HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

How cute!! Richard and I met when I worked for Home Depot. He was a manager and fraternizing with hourly employees was a big No No! He would out I had a myspace and gave me his email to look him up. He had totally stereo-typed me as a typical OC blonde brat but my Myspace proved the total opposite. He messaged me his number and said we should hang out sometime. I messaged him back saying Boys call me and left my number. He invited me to come to a get together for his friend's b-day. I totally didn't think it was date but we've been together ever since!!

Now you should post how he proposed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, brown boys are so much hotter than white preps! :) H

Michelene said...

You are super funny! I love it. My white boy and I met a church. So boring.... I clowned him and really made him chase hard. He, you know, is younger and I was so over that. He was a bit too clean for me. Then he decided to go to the police academy. Did I mention handcuffs? Just joking, I needed a little rebellion. Too clean is not good for me, I love his heart. He is amazing for me!