Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shanna's 24th Birthday Par-tay!

Our dear friend Shanna turned 24 this past weekend! We through her a little shin-dig at our house and I made her a GIANT cupcake! We took a cab to the city and went to Club Suite 181! It was my first time there! So far it has been my favorite place to dance in the city! It is large and there is tons of room to dance! The only bad thing is, it has no AC and we were sweating so much! NASTY! Some girl was a little to intoxicated and tried to do the running man like it was 1985. It was funny until her big ol' stilletto heel went right into my ankle and blood started spewing from my leg! The highlight of the night was meeting Shannon from Danity Kane! She was there too! Jessica and I were so excited to take a picture with her! And just FYI: my husband did not go out in a white wife beater! We took that picture before he was finished getting dressed! :)

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Michelene said...

You know your hubs went out in the beater! he is all that! Aarom youbetter defend yourself. xoxo