Friday, October 31, 2008

1 hour and 9 minutes....without TRAFFIC!

I need out of this town. My husband makes 35 dollars an hour more than I do at his job and would have to commute. I could find something closer to home. We are thinking of renting in Tracy, CA before we buy, to see if he can handle the commute. If any of you know San Francisco traffic, you know it sucks! Tracy offers HUGE custom homes for a very reasonable price. The city does NOT! Have any of you had to commute and what are your thoughts on it???


Cami said...

i went to college in LA - after i graduated, i stayed there to live and work for another 5 years. i lived no more than 15 miles from my jobs in downtown LA (i had three in the span of 5 years) and it took me over an hour BOTH WAYS to commute on the 450 freeway. yep, 15 miles -- 120 minutes. that's 8 minutes per mile ... bad average.

i HATED the commute; but sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it.

if i were you, i'd move to tracy!

Michelene said...

Hey girl! Are you guys going to Tracy today? Are you checking it out again? i think renting might be a great idea.