Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The fun part!

Now that we know we are for sure having identical twin boys, my hubby and I set out to do the fun part of the whole pregnancy thing! REGISTER!!! =) We had a ton of fun but were a bit overwhelmed. I realized that baby stuff is super expensive and the fact that we will most likely need 2 of a lot of items, kinda stressed us out!!! We first registered at http://www.babiesrus.com/ and then http://www.lullabylane.com/ I am nervous because a lot of our stuff is only available online! Check out our registries and give us feedback! We aren't too sure on what's good and what's bad!


Lacy said...

ALL my stuff was online (well it kinda had to be), but with shipping and everything I thought it was great. Returning items was easy too, in case you get too many of one thing or something is wrong with an item.

Aren't you so excited? Boys?! That's crazy, I really wanna see you. I probably won't be back in time for your shower, but I will be by the time they're born. Have you decided names yet?

Shelly said...

Hey Brittany! Feel free to look up my registery on the Babies R Us website too and compare items. I did a lot of research and also a lot of asking around with other moms of twins and triplets while registering. There are some things on my registery that I didn't end up using or needing, but not too many. I will look up your registry soon and check it out.