Sunday, February 8, 2009

Devil on a Mission

Today Aaron and I set out on our journey to find a new "home church." We went to try out"The Bridge" in San Mateo. All I have to say is that the Devil was on a mission, attempting to prevent us from going to church. We woke up early and began to get ready. As I entered the kitchen, I was overwhelmed by Ants EVERYWHERE! I was so grossed out and knew there was no way I could leave the house with Ants roaming around. That was set back number 1. Finally we leave the house. We rush to San Mateo Starbucks to get coffee and breakfast because we know this particular church is going to go from 10-12. Why is it that this particular Starbucks didn't have any food in the display glass and that the cashier was so flippin' rude!?!?! That was set back number 2. Next, we got pulled over and got a ticket for my windows having to dark of tint. Set back number 3. For all of you who know me, You know I am not the most patient person and I let the smallest stuff bother me. After we got the ticket, I just laughed and said that I wasnt going to let the stupid Devil ruin my day. We finally made it to church. We put Christian in Sunday School called "Little Engines" and he had a blast. I thought the Church felt very warm and welcoming so that was a plus. People were so kind and so many people came up to greet us. I really liked how everyone was so personable. I am not big on worship and never have been so I was a little uncomfortable through that part. But when the pastor spoke, he hit my heart. He said we needed to become "teachable beings" and that we need to be "meek." That is so true for me. I am very hard headed, and so stubborn and dont allow myself to break free of the bondage that holds me captive. I sweat the small stuff and it isnt healthy. For me to be focused on my spiritual journey I need to really let things go and give them to God. I know it is a struggle that I am going to have to deal with. For me to have healthy relationships in my life, I seriously need to get right with myself. What are you struggling with? What does the Devil do to try and prevent you from achieving your spirtual goals?


RMC said...

Oooh great message!! Thanks for sharing Brit!

I struggle with so many things. Getting up to go to church, the relationship with my sister, the hate in my heart I have towards her boyfriend, never feeling like I am doing enough, letting go of the past... Etc, etc. Sometimes I catch myself getting caught up in all that and I will acknowlegde that I am letting the devil get the best of me and I stop to pray. Right there, right then.

Give it to God. That's the key. Jesus suffered for our sins so we don't have to. Good luck with your journey and hopefully you find a home church you love!

eM said...

great post Brittany :) This right here (working so late into the night *and then checking my blog roll) is where the devil hits me hardest! The result is my being grumpy & groggy the next day and just generally not my best self* I have a really hard time with it. I need to get more control of the situation.. or rather, give up more control of it to the Lord..

I'm so glad you guys found a church! It took us like 2 years or something ridiculous, but we love our church now! :) It makes all the difference!

Michelene said...

You know the devil always meets me on Sunday mornings. Without fail, I just want to pull the covers back over my head. When I get up and fight back, the devil is defeated, just as God promised. I hope this church becomes a place where you find rest, comfort and new friends.