Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have been with my husband for about 3 years. My step son will bill 5 in April. We continuously deal with extreme "baby mama drama" and I have just about had it. Aaron procreated with one of the most psychotic woman I have ever met in my life. The only thing this woman is consistant with, is the fact that she is inconsistant. She lies, and manipulates constantly. Her poor son screams and cries and asks not to go back to her. The only person who didnt see this, was the old mediator we had. All she cares about is $$. We pay her 700 bucks a month and it is obvious the money does not go towards Christians care. We pick him up from school and he is in high water sweat pants and old worn tennis shoes with no socks. Majority of the time, he has no underwear on. Her brother got kicked out of her moms house, and now lives with her. Christian no longer has a room to call his at her house. He tells us he sleeps on a fold out Spongebob couch on her bedroom floor. She disgusts me. For a long time, I was the mediator between my husband and this woman. But I just cant do it anymore. Tonight, I ended that relationship. Since Christians mom is a bar rat, every Thursday night she makes her presence known at the popular bar in South San Francisco. She fought tooth and nail to get custody of Christian and won. Her family enables her to be a bad mother. But from what I hear, she had a similar upbringing. Woman in her life always out sleeping around with whoever leaving the kids with whoever will watch them. It is sad, but its like come on people, GROW UP! We finally got her to agree to us having him over night on Thursdays. Then tonight after he is tucked in bed, she calls demanding that we drop him off at her moms house. Not even to her, but to her mom! Christian said no, I want to stay with my daddy!! She assumed we were making him say that, and I am just glad we have a million people who have heard him say it without us prompting him. She calls the police and makes false reports like its her job. We currently have Christian Tuesday and Thursday from 4-8 and everyother weekend. It is just not enough for us because when it is her time to have him, she has pawned him off to someone else. The California court systems suck to. We had written documentation and proof of what she does and they didnt even look at it. She just cried & lied, and they gave her custody. We get "visitation rights." But now we got an amazing lawyer that costs us about 10grand, (we will be paying for this one for awhile), but ensures us that because we have pictures of her and witnesses that will attest to the type of mother she is, that we will gain atleast 50% custody if not 100%, leaving her with visitation rights. I hate court, but it is worth it. She is worthless and I will not allow her to continue to run my marriage and will not allow her to traumatize poor Christian. If any of you deal with this, please provide me with some insight. I probably should not have even been this open on this blog, but I needed to get it out and writing frees my anxiety. I pray that things will change soon.


Michelene said...

I think it is okay to write it on your blog. it is just your opinion, right. Even a judge could look at it and see where you are coming form. Christina is awesome! We love him and he deserves to be clean, dressed appropriately, and most of all loved. I am sad about the bed. i hope you have a good day, love.

Michelle said...

OH MY GOD! Is it ever going to end? I am sorry girl. My friend went through this for 7 years before her and her husband finally got full custody. Just document EVERYTHING!

eM said...

Yes, I totally agree that it's all right to voice your opinion on your own blog. I am sorry to hear about this but you seem to be handling it very well. :) I will keep you all in my prayers and hope that very soon he will have some more consistency in his life and that things will be made right for him (and you guys). I'm sure he loves having you there and is grateful to you for loving him so well!