Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Rain brings Ants and they really irritate me. They are in our shower, in our kitchen, in our bedroom. The other day I opened my pantry and saw Ants swarming over everything. I threw all of our food away and I mean everything! I sprayed tons of raid in there and then bleached the counters. We went grocery shopping and spent like $250 bucks. I open the pantry tonight, and they were everywhere yet again!! All I wanted to do was make a PB & J....I opened the peanut butter and they were inside the jar...yuck, gross, blah...I feel sick just thinking about it. Stupid Ants.


Michelle said...

That sucks! Haven't had that problem in a long time thank God.

--M said...

omg! i hate ants...our apartment had them really bad in the summer. i finally went to rite aid and got these little ant hotel trap things that kill them. they were pretty cheap, and worked fairly well.