Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bridal Shower #2

On Saturday June 28th, I had the best bridal shower ever!! My Aunt Cinders & Cousin Mish did an absolutely amazing job!! I had such a blast!! It was at Bella Pasta in Fresno!! I ate Lobster Ravioli's, lemon & chocolate cake, bruschetta, etc!! My favorite part was the adorable cake! It was an exact replica of my wedding cake so now I have to change what I ordered! HAHA! 7 of my bridesmaids traveled from all over Cali to be there! Unfortunately, 2 of my bridesmaids couldn't make it! :( I had so many people there that I care so much about!! The turn out rate was awesome! Over 45 woman came to celebrate me!! Can you believe that???? I got tons of fabulous gifts too! I have never felt more loved!! I am so blessed to have those 2 woman in my life! I know that no matter what, they will both always be there for me! Thank you all so much for being there to make my day so remarkable!


Michelene said...

okay, so yeah, the cake! I am so sorry about his Britt. I really did not know that your wedding cake was going to be a square stack. i knew about the polka dot ribbon, but that could have gone a few directions. The baker got going and I loved it. I am sorry, really.

You were a great bride taht day! Thanks for letting us shower you with LOVE! I adore you!

Shelly said...

That shower was so fun! Thanks for the invite, we can't wait for the BIG day!!!

C & K said...

alright girl! after reading this post i can't help but think how blessed you are! so any time you feel down and out, just remember how much you are loved!

the countdown is on ...i am hoping that all things are working out during these last few days before ... dum dum du-dummmmm!