Monday, July 28, 2008

80's Comeback!!

On Friday I drove down to the town I miss so so much! Good ol', San Luis Obispo! For those of you who don't know, my friend/bridesmaid Mandy, is getting married August 23, just 21 days after me! So I went down to celebrate her bachelorette party as well as her Naughty or Nice shower. It was an 80's themed bash and I must say it was very fun! Mandy is not a big party girl, so we had a daytime shower beginning at noon on Saturday. We decorated her mom's 1992 Suburban with "Honk for the Bachelorette," "Last Fling," and "Wild Bachelorette Party!" We loaded in the car and paraded around San Luis Obispo in our 80's gear! We went to Downtown Brew for lunch and we got Mandy her first blow job shot! She took it like a champ! Then she has a Washington Apple, a vodka cran, and a kamikaze shot. She consumed this liquor all within 1.5 hours. We left, and she threw up. Then we went to Pismo to bowl, and then headed back to her house for Taco Bell and movies! Then...her Oma (Grandma) and her mom surprised us with the penis cake they baked!! Talk about cake decorating....they were out of control! I will let the pictures explain itself! It was a great time, with great people! Congrats Mandy B! XOXO

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