Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend Fun!

This weekend Aaron, Christian, and I went to Walnut Creek for a co-ed baby shower for Aaron's best friend's wife! The weather was beautiful and I was so happy to be able to wear a sun dress. For those of you who don't know, South City weather is often windy and overcast. So it was a treat to be able to get some sun! There was delicious food and tons of unique baby shower games. I am very competitive when it comes to these games and I must admit I won a few of them! :) One of the games was co-ed. They had a clothes line set up and had a basket of laundry and clothes pins. You had 20 seconds to see who could hang up the most laundry while holding a baby doll and holding a huge Zack Morris cell phone!! I hung up four items, and Aaron beat me with 5 itmes!!! I was proud of him and was even more happy that we would get to share his prize, a starbucks gift card!!! Poor Christian was the first kid up to beat up the pinata! He took one big whack and the wooden bat flew back and smacked him right in the eye!! Poor guy got his first shiner!!! Over all it was a good day!


The Wittwer Family said...

Love the pictures...looks like you guys had fun.

C & K said...

Was it for Antman's baby!?!? Awwww! Look at Christian in that one sad face photo ... he looks *so much* like Aaron!

Fun times!

Michelene said...

Poor Christian! That looks painful. Great start on your blog, Britt!