Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Money Tree Won't Grow

My fiance and I are struggling big time with money. I have a good job and he has a GREAT job! But sadly enough, it just isn't cutting it. I am the worry wart in our household and with that comes an undescribable amount of stress. I hear that money issues are what break up most relationships and that scares me a bit. Lately, there has been a ton of tension in our house and we are working on working together on this money issue instead of working against eachother. It is definitely a challenge! It is so discouraging that what we make in the bay area gets us no where! We could own a beautiful home if we lived elsewhere! So frustrating! Does anyone have any helpful hints as to how we can generate some extra income or how we can not fight over money???


HeSaysI'mTheOne said...

As far as fighting about money.DON'T! I have no advice. Sorry. But debt, that I can help with. Do you have credit card debt? If so have you guys thought about consolidating it? There is this program I used to pay off 9, yes NINE credit cards that were maxed. It is called DCC. They work with you and your creditors to lower your payments and interest rates so you can pay it down quicker. They map out exactly how long it should take you in their program. They told me 32 months but I completed it in about a year and a half. Also, have you tried a garage sale or craigslist to sell stuff? Money sucks.

I am sorry you had to do your invitations alone. I know what you feel like and when I think about who will be my maid of honor, I don't know because I feel like everyone in my life is too selfish. It bums me out and I am not even engaged. I feel so pathetic sometimes because when I really think about it, I have maybe one true girlfriend and she lives too far from me.

Still, be excited because you are almost married!! That's so cool.

Michelene said...

I am glad you could come here and we could at least get your invitations planned and then you could get them out!

Check out Dave Ramsey, he is a financial wizard. I might be purchasing his book. I am scared... $350.00 dresses are not in his budget. maybe you should investigate after the wedding! Love you both!