Friday, May 2, 2008

The Beginning!

For months I have viewed people's blogs and have desired to start my own! I used to be so dedicated to writing in my journal and I don't think I have touched it in over 7 months! After I would write a journal entry, I would get such a calm feeling. I think the simple fact that I was able to get out all of my frustrations and anxieties onto paper made me feel so much better. I hope that this blog allows me to share my feelings as well as the exciting new experiences that I run into, throughout my everyday life! I am not very blog savy, and would definitely appreciate some help along the way!!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! It looks great so far! :D I have limited coding knowledge but can try to help if you need anything! It's almost time for your wedding!!! :D I hope everything is going well! xoxo, Mariah & Ted

C & K said...

welcome to the world of blogging, my fellow dork friend!! LOVE IT! :)