Sunday, December 4, 2011


Last night around 6:30 the twins and I headed to South City to meet my mother in law at her church potluck. I was an exit away when out of the blue Brayden started screaming bloody murder. I turn around and look at him and he had vomit all over him. Then he started throwing up again and then started choking. I panicked and pulled over, cleaned him up and proceeded to the church so that I could take him out of the car and clean out his car seat. After we cleaned him off, I decided to take the boys back home and loaded them back in the car. What should have been a 15 minute trip turned into a 45 minute trip from hell. I was in the fast lane when all of a sudden traffic came to a complete stop. Right then, Brayden started vomiting again and choking on it. I was panicking and helpless. I put on my blinker and tried getting over and no one would let me. I rolled my window down and made eye contact with people and told them that my son was very sick and choking and I needed help and they just rolled their windows back up and pretended they didn't see me. One lady told me she "didn't give a sh*t if my son was choking she was late for dinner!" He threw up over 5 times in the car and was going in and out of consciousness. I FINALLY made it to the shoulder and got out of the car. People were driving by cussing me out, flipping me off, and that just added to the stress of having a son that was covered in vomit from head to toe and me being unable to do anything. Finally I got back in the car and floored it on the shoulder...that really pissed people off and I was getting flack from all of them. People were pulling in front of me on the shoulder just so I couldn't drive by. Finally I saw some flares that some CHP's had laid out and I ran 4 of them over and that caused one of them to pull me over. Thank God for that because when he came over to the car and saw what was happening he moved the flares over in the street blocking all traffic so I could go ahead of everyone. It was a VERY frustrating night and it really bothered me how unkind people are. Did it really not occur to ANY of the drivers that maybe there was an emergency or something was wrong? Or what about the people who I told what was going on and they just blatantly ignored me and my pleas for help?! We live in a SICK world with a lot of heartless people. The point of this whole story is to think twice when you are on the road and see someone that needs help. Is it REALLY that big a deal of that car goes ahead of you or if that motorcycle wants to split lanes? No, its not so just get over it and let them get by. At 2am, Dylan woke up screaming and we went in there to find him covered in puke too. Gave him a bath and for the rest of the night him and Brayden took turns throwing up. We got zero sleep and we are all beat. I feel nauseous and know that this little virus is heading my way. My poor husband had to get up to go to the police academy and around 5:30am I got a call from him saying that he hit something that was on the freeway and the car is out of commission and that he was basically stranded out in the middle of nowhere. This is REALLY not the time for all these issues to be popping up. Praying for a speedy recovery for my kids and praying for financial blessings so that we can get the car back to where it needs to be! Prayers from you are appreciated too!


Lil_gelli said...

I'm praying for you Brit! That is terrible! I can't believe people are so heartless!

Hope you & the twins feel better soon! Pray for a Xmas miracle!

Love you!
Heather Mongelli

Amanda Hill said...

Im sorry you had such a rough day. It amazes me every day how insensitive people can be.

Spitfirefury said...

Really fun night indeed. I hope everything worked out with the boys. A sick kid is not something to play with, especially when it comes the freeway.

People can be so inconsiderate these days.