Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lolli Cakes!!

Our Halloween Lolli Cake basket!

This is our Halloween basket for $45...seems reasonable to me!!

Financially we are in a whole. Aaron works his booty off and in the end, our bills are barely covered. If I went to work we would spend over $1500 a month in child care because twins are expensive!! I am a full time Mom and part time student that doesn't get a pay check. My buddy Katrina and I have partnered up and have began making Lolli Cakes! It is a new adventure for us and I hope we do well. In less than 24 hours we got 4 orders! I am so happy and hope that our business takes off! If not, at least we have a new hobby!


R.M.C. said...

I got you email about these. They are so adorable. Do you guys ship?

Brittany said...

Yes we ship! What happened to your blog and your FB account?!?!?!

Becks said...

It didn't notify me of a follow up comment.. sorry for the delayed response. I deleted everything. Too much drama. I just wanted to be left alone!

Michelene said...

Let me know how shipping goes. I'm pumped! Super cute girl. Miss you!

Becks said...


Forward me the Lolli cakes email again. Also, let me know how to order if you don't have Facebook. I was telling my mom about them and she might get some for her office.