Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My two studs

Dylan saying his nightly prayer!

Brayden in his new Baby Einstein Jumper!

Sweet Dylan

At their Grandpa's retirement party

Dilly Willy!

Sweet Brayden Boy!

I know that every parent thinks their kids are the cutest....but I really really think my boys are the best thing ever! Each and every day they learn something new. Brayden is so fascinated with his right hand and laughs hysterically when his Dad yells, "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!" Dylan laughs all the time and gets a huge smile when we make eye contact. He laughs every time he sees his brother crying! I can only imagine how they are going to be in a few more months! I am sad because both boys are probably going to have to wear a helmet because they have deformed skulls. The doctor said at their 6 month check up they are going to be reevaluated. Please keep my little lovies in your prayers!


Shelly said...

Your boys are so handsome! I am so glad that I can see them though these pics. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, we will be thinking about you and this special time of dedicating the boys to the Lord.

Michelene said...

I LOVE them! They are precious and I am so, so proud of you BRITT! This is what you were created to do. Mother with honor.